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Making Science And Maths Easier Through Online Methods

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The two subjects that have been a source for a lot of doubts and questions for students young and old are Science and Maths. Be it a student in his early years of schooling or someone pursuing a degree of specialization in any of the two subjects, the concepts and ideas of mathematics and science have been challenging. Students regularly face biology doubts or doubts in maths and require guidance in these areas. Having a doubt clearing app on one’s smartphone has made it easier to learn new concepts.

Kunduz is one such online platform that helps students learn and clear concepts through the help of various tools. One such tool is the scan and solve solution. Kunduz acts as a camera math solver app or a biology doubts solver by letting students solve doubts regarding the respective subjects. All the student has to do is to click a picture of the question that is the cause of concern and upload it on the app. This uploaded image will be analyzed by the respective subject expert and the expert will then proceed to personally solve the particular question. The solution will be presented to the student in order to help provide clarity. Students can chat with experts on the Kunduz application and get further clarity on any case or subject if needed. This ensures a very direct and personal way of having questions solved and doubts cleared.

The benefit of such a system is that the student will receive help according to what they require. Their particular solutions can be focused on providing a very streamlined and structured process of imparting knowledge.

Additional benefits include:
✓ Private tutoring
✓ Question Banks
✓ Practice tests

This way of preparing online is perfect for the busy schedules of students as they can clear their doubts when time permits. Biology, Maths, Physics or any other subjects, personal doubts can be cleared individually. As mentioned earlier, there is also an option to chat and be personally tutored by the experts. This provides a high level of customization and personalization.

Students preparing for JEE and NEET, MHT-CET, or any exam could face doubts and have queries and Kunduz provides help for all these exams. Private tutoring coupled with question banks and practice tests series offers a comprehensive way of preparing and understanding concepts. One can easily analyze their requirements and focus on the problem areas with such a system leading to a proper structure to the preparation.

A personal way of learning makes sure that the students get the training he /she requires. Be it biology doubts, physics doubts or a need for a camera math solver app, a doubt clear app like Kunduz can help find solutions for all problems and issues and make the whole process of learning a lot easier and better.

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