The Best Way To Study Efficiently To Clear Exams Quickly

The rapid pace of the modern world demands smart work more than hard work, as effectiveness is crucial to keep up with the trends. The vast syllabus and in-depth concept clearing require hours of focused studies and rigorous revision. Students have a hard time grasping all the topics. The syllabus of boards like ICSE and CBSE is very extensive to cover as much as possible. Additionally, the cut-throat competition makes it very difficult for students to maintain a balance between studying and resting. For knowledge to be retained over time, it is imperative to learn in a way that allows for this. It is what will help you learn better when you think from a bigger perspective. Hence, we are listing some of the best ways to study effectively:

  • Give yourself enough time to study- If you want to learn effectively, you need to give yourself enough time to wrap your head around all the important points and have your concepts cleared. We need to be self-aware of our capabilities and plan our study routines accordingly. Try to assign more to maths and NCERT biology as there can be trial and error compared to the subjects that need mugging up.
  • Organize your study routine- It is essential to organize and optimize your study well to do more in less time. Try not to put subjects that need mugging up together as it will decrease your ability to retain what you are studying. You can use apps like Kunduz and Quesgo to study better.
  • Make diagrams & flow charts- Any type of visuals astoundingly help in retention. Use it to your advantage as much as possible. You can even try and experiment to understand what works for you the best. Diagrams and pictorial representation work in a big way in placing the concepts adequately in your head. It also allows you to revise quickly before the exams when you are under pressure. Also, add a flowchart to your notes to understand the relation between the two topics. It also helps in analyzing accurately.
  • Revise with a group- When we revise with a group, we don’t only view things from our perspective, but get the opportunity to learn from others as well. They might get to learn different angles and methods to understand the same concept and solve problems with our creativity. Learning and growing together keeps us motivated and healthy competition triggers our momentum. Organize frequent Q&A sessions to brush up on what you have studied.
  • Take breaks regularly- Taking breaks will help you refresh your minds and reorganize your line of thoughts. You will observe an increase in your productivity and memory if you take frequent study breaks.
  • Note the pointers- Make sure all your notes are written in one place so that you can refer to them whenever you find it necessary. It will decrease your chances of missing essential topics before exams.

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