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Top 8 tips for safely buying quality instagram followers

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They are an impressive follower count on Instagram wonders for building credibility and reaching more users. But organically growing a large following takes a ton of time, consistency, and effort.  However, not all methods for gaining more followers are created equal. There are right ways and wrong ways to go about purchasing followers. Use the wrong service or strategy, and you could waste money on fake or ghost accounts, get banned, or hurt your account’s reputation.

  1. Thoroughly vet potential providers

The first key step is taking the time to properly vet any service before handing over your money. Watch out for shady websites or outrageous claims. Only work with established, transparent companies that offer real Instagram users.

Here are signs of a good provider:

  1. Active Instagram users, not bots/fakes
  2. Guarantees on followers dropped
  3. Positive 3rd party reviews (TrustPilot, etc)
  4. Responsive customer support
  5. Competitive Pricing

It is research thoroughly before choosing where to buy from. This decision can make or break your efforts.

  1. Add followers gradually

When starting, build up your new follower’s slowly over time rather than all at once. Sudden spikes in your follower count can appear inorganic and get your account flagged.   Aim to add 500-1,000 new followers per week initially. Ramp up your numbers gradually as your account adapts. Keep new followers at 5-10% of your total count each week.

  1. Engage with your new followers

Now that you have fresh followers, engage with them actively via likes, comments, re-shares, etc. Follow them back so they’re notified.  Converting purchased followers into active engagers requires effort on your part. Make them feel welcomed and valued. Get them to participate in your account.

  1. Post quality content consistently

Buying followers alone won’t grow your account if you don’t have compelling content. Ensure you’re posting great photos/videos, using relevant hashtags, optimizing captions, jumping on trends, etc. Give your new followers content worth engaging with. Post consistently, at least once daily. Buying followers supplements, not replacements are a good content strategy.

  1. Monitor your results closely

Analyze key metrics like impressions, reach, website clicks, engagement rate, and track changes after buying followers.  If you aren’t seeing positive effects, re-evaluate your approach. Review your content, analyze follower drops, and make changes as needed. Getting followers is just step one – you want them to engage.

  1. Focus on quality over quantity

While your follower number matters, account quality is far more important. Prioritize followers from major markets who are genuinely interested in your niche.  10,000 engaged followers are infinitely better than 100k fake or ghost accounts. Vet your provider to ensure you’re getting quality users. Buy Instagram followers from famoid. 

  1. Safeguard your account

Never compromise your account security or give out your password/login info to providers. They don’t need that to deliver followers.  Also, ensure you aren’t violating Instagram’s terms around artificial follower growth. Don’t take unethical shortcuts just to boost numbers.

  1. Verify follower profiles

The Instagram followers randomly sample profiles of your new followers now and then. Watch for accounts with no posts/details, profile pic, etc – likely fake accounts. If you see many suspicious, inactive profiles, your provider is delivering low-quality followers. Stop buying from them immediately.

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