3 factors that can influence your personal injury settlement 

You should get compensation for your losses when you have suffered injuries and losses because of someone’s negligence, fault, intent, or recklessness. Pennsylvania laws allow that, but winning a personal injury lawsuit is not easy. Most people undermine the need for legal advice and representation. The good news is Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys will offer a free consultation for your case and work on a contingency fee. If you win a settlement, you would have to pay a part of the settlement to the lawyer as their fee, usually not exceeding 40%. What are the factors that influence your injury case? We have a quick list below. 

  1. Your losses and injuries. What you get in a settlement largely depends on your injuries and losses. For instance, if you have suffered disfigurement, permanent damage to your body parts, or brain injuries, your eventual settlement would be higher. When someone has sustained serious vehicle damage, they will get better compensation. A skilled attorney can help evaluate the worth of your injury claim based on evidence. 
  2. Key evidence and steps. In a personal injury case, evidence is paramount for proving that the at-fault party was negligent or careless. For instance, if you have CCTV camera footage that shows a drunk driver ramming into your car, you have strong evidence to prove their fault. Also, if you took adequate steps to prevent the personal injury from happening or took measures immediately after the accident to reduce your losses are factors to consider. 
  3. The expertise of the lawyer. The outcome of your claim also depends on the experience and expertise of the concerned personal injury lawyer you have hired. Not all attorneys can deal with different types of accidents and injury lawsuits, and therefore, relevant experience is important. Also, ensure that your lawyer has represented clients at trial. Some cases do end up in court. 

Your fault will matter

Pennsylvania follows the modified comparative fault rule when it comes to car accidents. If you had a share in fault, you would eventually lose a share of the settlement given to you. The fault percentage will determine what you get for the personal injury lawsuit. If you are more than 50% at fault, you cannot sue the other party. 

Check with a lawyer to know if you have a valid personal injury lawsuit in the first place. They can guide you on your options and what you can expect from the case in the future. 

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