About Classical Education And Why Should One Opt It 

Classical Education is a special pattern of education that is designed to bring out the best in students who take up education through this well designed and specially structured, three stage process. This is also called as The Trivium.

Providence Classical School is a Private Christian school in Spring Texas that uses the Trivium educational principles. This school has a very unique curriculum that you can look up on their website.

This innovative school in Spring Texas approaches education in a different dimension. The learning process here gives importance to shaping the child’s intellect by focusing on every child’s individual capabilities and strength. This is achieved by three staged Trivium process.

What is Trivium?

Let us look further into the design of trivium education. In this system, the child absorbs the knowledge in the early stages of the childhood. It lays a strong foundation for advanced learning. The children are encouraged to think, and question or even argue freely to express their views or notion.

This process has been divided into three stages. Each stage is specifically designed keeping the age and the mental phase of the children who take it up or undergo that stage of classical education. Trivium divided into three stages is as follows.

  1. The Grammar Stage
  2. The Logic Stage
  3. The Rhetoric Stage.

About each stage of Trivium

  • The Grammar Stage – The first four years of education, usually from the first to the fourth grade, children learn new information. They will be very curious, interested to discover and learn new things. They will be eager to memorise a poem or the sound and phonics of alphabets or math tables.
  • The Logic Stage – At this stage, the child begins to think logically and is more interested to learn the why rather than learning new information or facts. At this stage, the trivium curriculum promotes logical thinking, which helps in understanding the cause and effects of science.
  • The Rhetoric Stage – This is the last stage of the classical education, which is equal to the high school where the students practice expression of own views. They learn to arrive at conclusion using the information they learnt and applying the logical thinking on the information.

This system of education thus helps young minds to understand, analyse, discover more and express their opinions comprehensively. This helps in the systematic development of curios young minds rather than any other scattered and fragmented curriculum.

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