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EKG Technicians are Trained and Skilled to Perform Cardiovascular Tests

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Electrocardiogram is also known as EKG or ECG that is done to check the activities of heartbeat. Basically, it means the test is done to check how healthy your heart is. With every heartbeat, an electric wave is passed from the machine to the heart. Contraction and expansion of heart pumps blood in and out of veins and arteries. The ECG report should show proper synchronization among the top and bottom waves to diagnose a healthy heart.

EKG technicians perform Electrocardiogram tests on patients. Not everyone can perform this test, but only those who’ve been trained in this. There is a special curso de electrocardiograma that covers the jobs of an EKG technician. International Training Careers in Miami, Florida covers this course. They provide proper knowledge and skills to specialize in this field. The students are provided proper knowledge about the instrument so that they can perform tests efficiently.

It might sound easy to you, but there are many roles involved while ECG is performed and every EKG has to undergo their responsibilities with full sincerity. Here are the responsibilities discussed below –

  • Before test
  • During and after test

Before test

It is the job of the EKG technician to explain patient what they will be doing and how the examination will be performed, so that patient doesn’t panic during the course. He takes all details and information from patients about their past medical history, and medications ad keep a record in the system. The tech then asks the patient to lie down so that he can stick the electrodes on chest, legs, and arms. The electrodes are then connected to the ECG machine to derive data.

During and after test

There are different types of EKG tests that are performed. Tech sets up machine according to the test prescribed by the doctor. For example, in stress test, the patient is asked to run on treadmill while electrodes are glued on body. During tests, if the report is abnormal, the tech immediately stops the test and calls for doctor. Once the tests are completed, the results are taken down on a paper which is attached to the patient’s case and sent to doctor.

Duties of EKG technician

  • To make adjustment and repairs in machine.
  • Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in testing room.
  • Old technician has to train the new tech about the core jobs and responsibilities along with function of machine.
  • Some hospitals or clinics also instruct EKG tech to take calls in place of doctor for scheduling appointments or giving general information related to hospital or clinic, ordering supplies, etc.
  • They also have to monitor heart activities of a patient during any surgery and to inform doctor immediately during emergency.

An EKG course takes 4 to 6 weeks for completion. Anyone can take this course as long as they’ve certification from a reputed Institute or University.

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