What Are the Best Drawing Apps for Tablets and Smartphones?

So, you’ve got a tablet or smartphone, and now it’s about more than just catching up on social media. These devices are your new gateway to the art world – whether you’re an illustrator by trade or Sketching Sally in her spare time. 

The secret? It all comes down to having that perfect app that can magically turn your device into an artist’s paradise. So let’s dive deep today and talk about some of those killer apps for drawing with cool functionality, easy usability, and unique features.

Professional Drawing Apps

For real artists and illustrators, a top-notch drawing app could be a game-changer. These apps squeeze all those traditional art tools right into your handheld device. It’s like carrying an entire studio in your pocket!

  • Adobe Fresco: This rockstar of an app is famed for its live brushes (we’re talking about ‘real paint on canvas’ feels), along with an extensive range of tools.
  • Procreate: This iOS exclusive has a reputation for sparing when it comes to its lightning-fast responsive brushes and tailor-it-your-way interface, which professional doodlers can’t get enough of.

Free and Budget-Friendly Options

For artists on a budget or those who prefer not to splurge, there’s no need to settle for less.

  • Autodesk SketchBook: Completely free and packs quite the punch with over 190 brushes you can tweak just how you like. An all-you-can-draw buffet at zero cost!
  • MediBang Paint: Designed specifically for manga maestros and cartoon creatives out there. It offers cloud storage and more than 50 brush options – all without costing a single penny.

Specialized Drawing Apps for Kids and Beginners

Are you getting into art or introducing it to kids? There are apps that cater exactly to beginners like you.

  • Drawing Desk: It has a kid-friendly mode and loads of fun coloring options – ideal for our future Picassos!
  • Paper by FiftyThree: Its clean design and easy-to-use interface make this newbie’s digital dream come true!

Integrating Artwork Into Your Life

The right drawing app doesn’t just let you make breathtaking art but can weave your creativity into everyday life. Think of prints or custom decors and even digital frames to add a sparkle of artsy touch to your home.

  • Art Set 4: Known for its lifelike textures and material variety galore, it helps create decor-ready masterpieces!
  • Tayasui Sketches: With simple tools that help craft easily shareable or printable artworks, this is perfect for jazzing up any living space!


The drawing app world is a colorful one, overflowing with choices for pros, amateurs, or the little finger painters out there. Do you fancy pro-grade tools, or are you looking to go easy on your wallet? Maybe you need something specialized for kids or beginners! There’s an option that’ll sit just right.

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