Ph.d. Singapore Courses- Is It Worth It?

Various students prefer to study abroad. However, there are various advantages and disadvantages for the same. Read the following pros and cons to decide whether to opt for a phd Singapore is worth it or not.


  • Challenging proposal- Studying in another country is a challenge. Blending in with the locals, making new friends, adapting to the changes, etc are several aspects of the challenge. For those who have an adventurous streak, it is worth it.
  • Top-notch education– In your home country, you may be missing the fabulous courses offered in the other countries. Besides, the quality of education differs accordingly.
  • Independent- It allows you to take your own decisions and be responsible for them. Apart from that, it ensures independence for you.


  • Expensive- Studying abroad is an expensive concept. The tuition fee, accommodation, travel, and food, every aspect adds to the overall expenditure.
  • Homesick- Needless to say, you will miss your family and friends. Besides, you may miss important life-altering events occurring with your loved ones. Eventually, it makes you homesick.

Complicated Process

The entire process of getting into another college is a daunting prospect. The application, entrance exams, loan-process, etc is a cumbersome task. Besides, there is no assurance of getting into a prestigious college.

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