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The United Kingdom Curriculum for International Schools in Bangkok

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Bangkok, a busy metropolis known for high-rise towers and the windy Chao Phraya river in the heart of Southeast Asia, is a vast city that caters to both Thais and expats. The city is full of some of the world’s bests restaurants, cocktails, and city skyline views. Such an impressive city draws in another of the world’s bests—the best international schools.

Schools in Thailand can greatly vary from government schools to private schools to international schools alike. An international school curriculum in Bangkok usually draws on curriculums from the three major western countries and demographics in Thailand. There are:

  • The United Kingdom curriculum
  • The United States curriculum
  • The Australian curriculum

Each curriculum has similarities and differences from one another. The British curriculum is one of the top curriculums, helping to prepare students for the workforce.

The United Kingdom Curriculum

The British curriculum covers very general subjects such as the sciences, humanities, and various arts. Children as young as 4 typically start this curriculum. It lasts to about 16 years of age, where students can then choose more specific subjects geared towards their interests through a program called A-levels.

Each section of the years is broken into stages. Children that start the curriculum right away at 4 years old enter the stage known as Reception. The three following Key Stages are broken up amongst years:

  • Key Stage 1 is 5 to 7 years old
  • Key Stage 2 is 7 to 11 years old
  • Key Stage 3 is 11 to 14 years old
  • Key Stage 4 is 14 to 16 years old

At the end of each stage, students are expected to take a national assessment that covers topics in English, Science, and Math. At the end of Key Stage 4, they take their final assessments, typically known as GCSEs, or General Certificate of Secondary Learning.

Many international schools in Bangkok draw on this curriculum, although there are other international schools that use American or Australian curriculums. While similar in content, each may range slightly, dependent on the country.

When looking for an international school in Bangkok, it is best to choose between these three curriculums. All deliver top-quality content at a Western standard, so these are great options for parents that may want their children to move abroad to one of these locations.

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